Ashgrove Early Learning Centre

Client: Pipeline Property Ventures 
Tenant: Green Leaves Early Learning Centre
Size of Site: 825m2
Number of Children: 60
Start Date: 10/07/2018
Completion Date: 18/07/2019
Designed by Husband Architects
Photography by Cam Murchison

The Ashgrove Early Learning Centre project involves the protection and internal refurbishment of a post-war character home with additional extension attached work to extend the length of the finished building across the whole block of land. There is parking on ground level with 2nd level playscapes and care rooms. The project has been constructed with up to standard safety practices and structurally efficient designs. There has been particular consideration to acoustically rated building materials out of consideration for surrounding residential area.

Ashgrove Early Learning commenced July 2018 and reached completion July 2019. 

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