Thallon Mole Group Celebrates 20 Years

A journey that began in the 90’s. Thallon Mole Group was an idea that began in the minds of Andrew Thallon and Bruce Mole. Two hardworking chippy’s with the ambition to take on challenging construction projects that leave a lasting impression.

Thallon Mole Group didn’t begin glamorous and many carports in Brisbane owe their craftmanship to the company. However, through years of blood, sweat and tears Thallon Mole Group has arrived to what it is today.

Thallon Mole Group

20 years later, Thallon Mole Group now deliver Queensland’s most prestigious residential dwellings, high-end multi residential buildings and prestige quality industrial/commercial projects. The distinctive Thallon Mole Group quality and style reflects the company’s overall commitment to delivering the best product in the market.

Thallon Mole Groups reputation is attributed to the entire Team, it is the tight community culture within this family that creates what Thallon Mole Group is today. We have a diverse team of exceptionally qualified, hardworking staff that are the aggregate securing Thallon Mole Group a known figure within the industry as a solid and reliable building company.

Our long partnerships with Queensland’s most innovative architects, the state’s leading consultants and premier contractors also greatly contribute to Thallon Mole Group’s success. Not only are we humbled to be employing and working alongside the industries best, we are also very grateful to have had the opportunity to build for some of the most influential personalities in South East Queensland.

The relationships we have developed with our clients, consultants, suppliers and contractors has been one of the most rewarding parts of our journey. So, we would like to extend our sincere thank you to all the people who have had a helping hand in our company’s success. We would not have been able to achieve this milestone without your support.

We would like to specifically recognise the amazing tradesman we have been fortunate enough to work with over the years. It has been gratifying for us to be able to mentor and grow such talented individuals and look forward to continuing to support their professional pursuits.

20 years is a confirmation to us in our belief that construction is about making spaces that inspire feeling, bringing people together and creating a connection between person and place.

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